Cardinal Landing on a Perch Full Wing Span

This pose is one of my favorites because to me it shows the real beauty of the bird. In my E-book, “Secrets to Photographing Backyard Birds in Flight”, I go over the different wing poses and how to hone in on them.

The Set Up:

For this shot all I had to do was manually focus on the pole supporting the perch. That’s it. I simply manually focused on the pole. BUT, the real secret is where to set up the perch. Again, as I mention in my book, the secret is knowing where the birds land in your yard, and the flight path they will take to the perch.

This is my 90 degree formula, and what I mean by that is the birds are coming in 90 degrees from my camera, which is focused on the pole supporting the perch. Does that make sense? I hope so.

So being focused on the pole, any bird coming in from the left or right in a direct line of the pole, will be in focus. Ok, most birds. To clarify, check out the image below

Suppose a bird came in from the direction of the upper right hand corner. Would it be in focus? Nope. Now does it make sense?

Camera Settings

Shutter Speed – 1/3200 of a second. F 7.1 ISO 1000