Cardinal Using an Evasive Maneuver Setup

Using my remote shutter, I was able to grab this shot of a Cardinal turning away from the feeder. Notice the light is behind the camera which will illuminate the bird!!

The Setup:

Camera mounted on a tripod outside in my yard with a wireless remote shutter release attached.

Bird feeder and prop about 6-7′ apart. Fo a prop I use branches I find in the woods.

Something to span between the feeder and the prop. Here I used a broom

Manual focus on the broom handle. If the bird leaves the prop and flies along the path of the broom handle then it will be in focus. Most birds will fly straight into the feeder unless there is a bird already on the edge of the feeder.

Remove the broom or other object

Set shutter speed, f/stop, and ISO accordingly. At least 1/2000 shutter speed

Test remote shutter release

Hide somewhere

Get ready when a bird lands on your prop.

You’ll have to anticipate when the bird will leave the prop and fly, but they normally only sit for a few seconds.

Start shooting as it leaves the prop.

Repeat through a whole bunch of birds and hope you get a cool wing spread and the bird is in focus!