Unfortunately, owning the latest and greatest camera equipment is not a guarantee your images will look as good as they can, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. The technology in today’s camera bodies certainly make things more convenient, much like a fully loaded vehicle, but a fully loaded vehicle is also not a guarantee it will make you a better driver.

Over the years I have met and worked with some amazing people that share the same passion for bird photography as I do. By staying in consistent communication with them as they learned and began to grow as photographers, I was able to guide them and help them drastically improve their bird images.

We’ll work together VIRTUALLY until we’re both satisfied that you are creating the best images you can possibly produce, so if we go above and beyond 2 months, that’s fine.


  • Online meet up remote session for an Initial portfolio critique, current level assessment, and goal identification
  • A free copy of my E-book I sell on Amazon, “Secrets to Photographing Backyard Birds in Flight” which includes how to create beautiful bird portraits, and working with props.
  • I’ll assign certain requirements that I want to see in your images, you’ll then email me those images utilizing the suggestions I recommend which I’ll critique and offer my feedback and suggestions.

It normally takes about 2 months of us working together due to work, school schedules, etc. If we go past that it’s not a big deal. My main concern is that you are producing awesome bird photos and I am satisfied I did my job.

Questions, Concerns? Click Here to Contact Me and I’ll respond via email so we can discuss anything before you pay, sound cool?

Money Back Guarantee!