Very important if you want to be successful!! When I set up for a photo shoot, I take down all the feeders except the one I’m photographing. I know this may not sit well with some people but I can tell you from experience, if you have a bunch of active feeders, you’re going to have to wait a long time to get the shots you want because the birds won’t be going where you need them to go, to the feeder your camera is focused on!

After removing all the feeders except for the one you’re going to use, the birds will be confused, but they bounce back quickly and begin converging on the only active feeder, the one you’re working with. Cool huh? I recommend letting the birds get used to your studio feeder before you go scaring them with the sound of the slapping shutter.

Your photo shoot may only last a few hours so it’s not detrimental to the birds. When you’re done, set the other feeders back up and all will be well.

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